Heyo, 8BitF0x here.

Heyo, 8BitF0x here.

Welcome to the very first blog post on this website. I have this website to share my opinions about stuff and discuss about latest news. The news can be about basically anything, gaming, technology, world news, etc. I would like to introduce myself and give you guys a quick summary on what you guys can see and find in this website.


My real name is Matthew and I go by 8BitF0x or 8Bit. I like Nintendo games and computers. Currently I’m playing Terraria and Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Switch. I also like the Xbox and PC gaming, currently I have a crap ton of games on steam and haven’t touch 34% of those games yet cause of the summer sales. I like making YouTube videos and typing up blogs. Currently where I’m at is very hot and I want to live somewhere colder. I have friends. I like Corsair better than Razer, please don’t @ me. I play Minecraft basically 24/7 and I’m proud of it. I’m really bored of existing but luckily I got food and video games to keep me from being bored. I hate school so much and don’t want to wake up early every weekday.

I have a Discord server that you should totally check out, I have a dead inactive Discord server with over 75+ members which makes me proud. We just play video games and stuff and chat with each other. We play Jackbox, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, basically anything you can think of, we played it. You can click this sentence to join the Discord server. My Discord server also alerts you when I upload a video, tweet a tweet, livestream on Twitch, and post a blog on this website, it’s pretty neat.

I live in a house and sleep in a bed. I would like to personally thank my father for helping me fund for this website as I am poor and currently have a dollar in my bank account. I have a forums website as well and we discuss things in my Discord server and my tiny community I’m building. I would also like to thank my staff team for keeping my Discord server in shape and would like to thank the members inside the Discord server for behaving like human beings.

Gaming News

Let’s get into some gaming news. This is the part where I’ll give my opinions about some new gaming related news.

I’m going to start with Nintendo news. Many of you should know that I like Nintendo and their products. Their Nintendo Direct had many games showcased that I’m really excited about. Overwatch is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch and it’s confirmed for the game to have gyroscope controls. I’m guessing that the game will be locked at 30fps. The company PowerA is making two Overwatch theme controllers. One of the controller is themed off the Reaper and the other one is based off D.Va. You can click on those two images to click to their store pages. Currently PowerA’s Reaper Pro Controller can be found on Amazon for a price of $49.99 with a release date of September 20, 2019 and PowerA’s D.Va Pro Controller can be found a EBGames. Source (HyperBeast). I find this pretty cool since these are nice looking controllers for a really cool upcoming game. There’s is also a Overwatch case that confirmed that Overwatch was coming to the Switch, It can be found here. I’m not going to lie, I have never played Overwatch before and would like to start on the Switch cause of the portability. If you buy Overwatch on the Switch with the Legendary Edition, you will get 3 months free of Switch Online and get sweet perks in-game

PowerA's Reaper Pro Controller
PowerA's D.Va Pro Controller
Source (AskIdeas)

Happy National Video Game Day! Today is September 12, 2019 and that means it’s National Video Game Day. I didn’t know it was today when I heard it on the radio on my way to school. Today marks the day where gamers in the United States can peacefully play video games. I don’t know what to really say here since usually we do that everyday, but eh.


This is my first blog post and I’m still learning how to be a better blogger, so please excuse me if I messed something up. I hope you guys can look forward to a bit more blog posts, I’m going to try to make one every week and if anything interesting happens in my life I’ll let you guys know about that in this website. I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see you in the next post.

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