It’s been a while hasn’t it, but what the hell is going on with Blizzard?

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Hey, this is like a tiny edit. I started writing this blog post on Thursday and now it’s Saturday. I kind of missed the Friday deadline since I was busy with life stuff and watching a high school football game (news flash, we lost). Anyways, enjoy the blog post.

It has been a while since I made a blog post. Welcome to blog post number 4! I took last Friday off to take some time off. For the past few days I’ve been non-stop streaming and playing Clone Hero and I think I’m addicted to it. I’ve already had five Twitch streams the past week, one YouTube video, and one exclusive video on it. Currently, I’m taking a break from Clone Hero and will be focusing on streaming other games, and to start with that I have made a schedule.

My Twitch Stream Schedule for the third week of October 2019.

You can check out my Twitch page here. I’ll be streaming Super Mario Maker 2 for the 14th and the 15th, I’ll be playing Multiplayer Versus and I’ll probably take requests from viewers. For the 16th and the 17th I’ll be playing Enemy on Board, if you haven’t heard of this amazing game, you can check it out my blog post on it here. Also, speaking of Twitch, let’s talk about. The style of it, is not that pretty. I really like the flat style, but at the same time it’s just doesn’t feel like Twitch anymore. From what I read from Twitch’s blog post on it’s new changes, it’s not just appealing for gamers, but for everyone. That makes no sense why Twitch would do that as it was made for streamers to stream Twitch games, but I guess it kind of changed after streamers started streaming IRL streams. I mean that’s my opinion, but I really think after IRL streams Twitch changed. While still on the topic of Twitch, have you heard what happened on Germany? There was a shooting at a synagogue (for people who don’t know is a Jewish worship place), now what does that have to do with Twitch? The shooter livestreamed the shooting on Twitch. From what the tweets Twitch did, the stream has 2 viewers and the VOD had at least 2,500 viewers before being flagged and removed. From what I heard from a couple of new sources, 2 people have dead and many are injured. It still sucks how this world keeps on getting worse as the years goes by. My hearts and prayers goes out to the families of the victims. Alright, lets move on to the….

Gaming News

Blizzard is getting lots of hate from gamers all over the world (except China). Let me give you the rundown on what’s going on with Blizzard. Let’s begin with the beginning, China wants to make Hong Kong as part of China, but Hong Kong doesn’t want to be part of China. China doesn’t take “no” for an answer, the Chinese government are attacking the Hong Kong protesters.  

A professional Hearthstone player that goes by the name “Chung Ng Wai” won a match of the finals of a official Blizzard tournament and when he was put on the mic, he decided to voice his opinions about Hong Kong and said that he supports the protesters for standing up. Blizzard did not like this and decided to remove him from the tournament, suspend him from playing any tournaments for a year, take his earnings, and left.

Users of Blizzard did not like this and voiced their opinions about this on the forums, unfortunately they were getting banned for 1000 years as shown from the picture to the left provided by @PeopleMage. After the users of Blizzard found out about this, they decided the most logical thing to do is to cancel their World at Warcraft subscriptions and delete their Blizzard, Blizzard caught up to this and decided to add an ID option to delete your account and disabling the other options (text, email, etc.).

Blizzard has made an announcement prior to this. A TL:DR is that they are making the the professional player Chung Ng Wai suspension to six months.

Image provided by: @PeopleMage

That was a roller coaster of events. Some people aren’t mad at Activision for some odd reason as they don’t know that Activision is combined with Blizzard. Anyways, I would like to hear your opinion on this down on the comments below. I’ll be concluding my blog post here, sorry for another short one, but I have plans today to hang out with my friends, you all have a good day and I’ll see you on the next post.

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