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Heyo, 8BitF0x here.
Welcome to my second blog post, I’m going to be talking about basic life and stuff and a new indie video game you should try out.

Let’s begin with me talking about life, it’s currently 9/20/19 which means it’s the Area 51 raid. Let me tell you I was not expecting the raid to be that serious, but today on Twitter I found out that people were serious. Hell, the hashtag was even trending. This event was pretty big that more than 100+ people showed up and a music concert was playing there! I thought only 25-50 people would show up, but boy was I so wrong.


Alright, I would like to start that I found this funny and stupid at the same time. Anyways, that going out of the bag, I would like to welcome the Nintendo Switch Lite to be part of the Nintendo Switch family. I don’t own one personally, but I would like one just for travelling and stuff and I can leave my original switch docked on my table. The Switch Lite comes in 3 colors and 1 special edition color. 

The Switch Lite comes in yellow, gray, and turquoise. I’ll save the special edition for last. These magical things are pretty awesome. The colors really show the uniqueness of theses Switch Lites and the introduction to a D-Pad finally on a Nintendo Switch.

There are some Pro’s and Con’s with the Switch Lite, so let’s get to them. First off, the cons. The switch can only be used for handheld mode as it can’t connect to a dock for TV mode and it doesn’t have a kickstand for Tabletop mode. These are fine as it’s meant to be only portable. The “joy-con controllers” permanently attached to the Switch Lite doesn’t have HD Rumble included or an IR Motion Camera. That means the Switch Lite isn’t compatible for Nintendo Labo. The fact that there isn’t HD Rumble makes me sad just a bit. Second, the pros. The Switch Lite has a 5.1 inch screen, that sounds bad in theory but you’ll be getting a better screen as the pixels is still 720p on a tiny monitor. Picture this, 1080p on a 42 inch TV and picture 720p on a 5.1 inch screen. You can easily see the difference, now to be fair I haven’t seen the Switch Lite screen, but when I do I’ll let you guys know what I think of the screen. The weight of the Switch Lite is a approximating .61 lbs. That is really lite. Get it? Light, lite? With the smaller screen and the no need for HD Rumble, the battery will give you at least 3.0 to 7.0 hours of playtime and as said by Nintendo, “The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 4 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”.

Finally what does the special edition of the Switch Lite look like? Wait no further. Actually do, you’ll have to scroll down to see the picture of the Switch.

That’s right, a Pokémon edition Switch Lite! This will be releasing at November 8, 2019. Unfortunally this special edition switch will not be releasing with Pokémon Sword or Shield. It’ll be exactly $199.99 USD with it’s other Switch Lite buddies. It’s not all bad as it shows designs of the two legendary pokémons on the back of the Switch Lite and the blue and red colors. The blue colors will be placed on the L Stick and the D-Pad and the red colors will be placed on the A, B, X, and Y buttons and the R Stick. Phew, that is definitely a run on sentence. These colors will be placed over a light greyish background. Not to bad looking if I say so myself.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awaking and the Untitled Goose Game has released today as well, I’ve have not played either of those games yet, but really excited to get to them once I get them.

Currently the Untitled Goose Game is on sale for $14.99, which is actually on sale and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awaking is currently on sale for $59.99.

I would like to point out that these are the prices I last checked on 9/20/2019 and will not be updated the blog to change the prices.

The game we will be talking about is Enemy on Board. Enemy on Board is a Free-to-Play multiplayer game for PC. Enemy on Board is a 6 player game where 2 of those players are Aliens which goals are to kill the other 4 non-aliens. Enemy on Board is currently being developed by the company, Windwalk Games.

Human Faction

Being a crew member means your vulnerable to alien attacks. You and your four other crew members needs to work together to take down the two aliens hunting down to kill you. The catch? You don't know who your crew members are. You decide how to trust and who to not trust. Grab items and weapons scatter across the map and defeat the aliens before they defeat you.

Alien Faction

Being an alien means you have to attack the four other crew members with your alien buddy. Communicate with your alien buddy using alien chat and try to blend in with the other crew members. You have three other aliens forms to choose from as of 9/20/19. The infestor, the spider, and the leecher. Use your alien powers to get evolution points and show off your alien form for faster speed and the ability to kill your enemies.

Check out the announcement trailer

Currently the game is in an closed alpha state which means you’ll need to get in with a alpha key for steam. Good news is that they are preparing for their second batch of keys later on. The Discord server for EoB has tons of active members chatting and discussing about the game. There is daily playtests where you can earn the Commander role for the Discord if you get the most wins in that playtest.

Fun fact, I’ve already made three videos on Enemy on Board. It’s really that fun. You can check out those videos below this paragraph.

Would like to put a disclaimer, these videos provide old gameplay and these videos were before The Control Patch. Anyways, that’s all I got today, the social media links and three buttons are below this paragraph, one will send you to the official EoB Discord server, which if verified, the middle button will send you straight to the page where you can sign up for a chance to get an alpha key, and the third button will send you to the EoB steam page.

Oh, did I mention that the developers of Enemy on Board were working for the game company Riot Games? You know the company that made League of Legends?

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