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Heyo, 8BitF0x here.

Welcome to blog post number 3 and I’m going to not do gaming news, but do news about my website and the future of it. As you can see I’m going all out, trying to make this website look as good as before. Currently these blog posts are just random, and I’ll just post a blog post out of nowhere. I’m planning on changing that by making a schedule for my blog posts, YouTube posts, etc. Currently you saw me posting two blogs on the last two Thursdays and this blog post on Monday, now I’m going to make a blog post every Friday. These are subject to change. Currently on YouTube I just post what ever, and now what I’m planning on doing is posting 2 videos every month, so it’ll be 24 videos each year. This is also subject to change. That’s an improvement from 3 videos each year. An idea I’m looking at is adding a video page that is separate from YouTube, and only exclusive. Right now, I’m making a video about Clone Hero and will be posted here on this website. After then, I’ll be making a 30 minute video and will post it here on the website, currently I won’t give the details what the video is about, but I’ll let you guys know when the time comes. I’ve updated the website to include a Videos page and a little Instagram photos in the footer of the website.

Alright, I’m going to end the blog post here, sorry for this one being short I just wanted to let you guys know about some of the things I’ll be doing with the website here. I won’t be posting a blog post this Friday and will be posting more blogs the Friday after and will go on with the schedule. You guys have a good one.

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